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FreeSpanz is an award-winning enterprise into Green Building Design and Architecture, consultancy, with recognized certification by LEED, GRIHA, and IGBC, that aims at Rural Renewable Energy and Solar Installations. With presence across India and in the United State, FreeSpanz has a distinct standing on the field of sustainability to provide q valuable contribution to any project of the build environment. With a portfolio of over 150 million sq. ft. of advisory and certification for build construction across residential, commercial, hospitals, hotels, and industrial sites. FreeSpanz is achieving rapid growth to sustainable energy resources in Rural and Urban Areas while also prevailing renewable energy resources and to provide commercial production of solar energy, along with an active Rural Electrification Initiative across India under URJA MITRA.


Our Team

Manan Gupta
Manan Gupta Director

Manan's core expertise is into Green Building Design & Consultancy, Project Management, Interiors, Renewables & Environment sensitive projects. With over 19 years experience, Manan has adviced over 150 million sq ft of built construction across residential, commercial, hospitality & healthcare sectors for various levels of green consultation & certification.

Madhulika Pise
Madhulika Pise Director

Madhulika's Core responsibilities are Increasing subject know-how, client interaction, academic commitments, control on project deliverable and development strategies.