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Energy Modeling

We offer a wide range of energy modeling services covering all aspects of energy consumption and its impact on and inter relationships with carbon footprint, thermal comfort, daylight, solar and other building performance metrics.

For the full impact of energy modeling to be realized on a building it should be undertaken right from the very earliest stages and then continued throughout the entire process to design completion and beyond.

We can work with you to incorporate this energy analysis into the entire process to recommend on when and how it should be used to get its full low-energy, high-performance power and giving feedback on key changes to be done in the building design & specs quickly and efficiently at the relevant level We use the powerful (Virtual Environment) performance modeling engine to provide detailed thermal simulations at hourly or smaller increments as necessary to capture thermal mass effects. The detail and accuracy of the energy model is developed in parallel with the design and all other performance analysis areas. Some of our key energy modeling services are outlined on the following pages.

We use softwares like VIsual Doe, Energy Plus, EQuest, Radiance, Doe2, Weather Tool etc for energy modelling.


  • Early Stage Analysis
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Green Energy
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Daylight Analysis